Monday, November 17, 2014

A Collection of Mint Postcards Featuring Columbus, Georgia Circa 1910

In addition to the postcards I've posted previously, I also purchased this collection of postcards I've acquired featuring Columbus, Georgia that are in mint condition. I do believe they were manufactured around 1910. It's amazing they are in such great condition and even more amazing that they were still in their original Kress packaging! Sadly only the facade of the old Kress building still exists, as the building succumbed to fire in 1994. 

The Confederate Monument is still there along with the house featured at the intersection of Third Avenue and 14th Street and the St. Elmo House. However, the St. Elmo house did burn in 2011, but was mostly undamaged. The Courthouse has been torn down and replaced with a 13 floor "skyscraper" built in 1973, much to the dismay of the city folk. And to my knowledge the Green Island Ranch is no longer standing, but a luxurious country club now exists on the site.

Original packaging from Kress 
Lower Broad Street (now Broadway), Showing Confederate Monument, Columbus, GA
Court House Square and Fountain, Columbus, GA
Green Island Ranch, Columbus, GA
Historical St. Elmo, Columbus, GA
Third Avenue and 14th Street, Looking South, Columbus, GA

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Antique Columbus, GA Postcards - Correspondence Between Two Sisters From 1909

Yesterday I went to a parking lot sale at The Gypsy Cherub antique store in what used to be Bibb City, GA (now part of Columbus). I saw some old Columbus postcards being advertised on Facebook, so I went down there early to make sure they were still there. And boy did Yvonne still have them! Postcards from Columbus, Americus, Atlanta, and all over Georgia with Alabama and Florida hiding in there as well.

Well, when I was looking through the postcards, I was mostly looking for familiar landmarks and landscapes of Columbus that held sentimental value, or at least offered artistic or historical value. However, after getting home and looking through them all, I discovered the true value was actually Dovie Smith and Elizabeth Smith - two sisters that corresponded via Columbus, GA postcards in the summer and fall of 1909.

I have taken the liberty of scanning both back and front of the postcards, as well as transcribing what is written on the postcards for easier reading. In addition, I have placed the cards in chronological order of correspondence. This required me finding a calendar from 1909, as two of the postcards are postmarked on the same day. I tried to leave the grammar and punctuation as accurate as possible.

I just wonder who were Miss Dovie Smith and Miss Elizabeth Smith? What was there story? I hope to further research these two women and possibly find more of their wonderful postcards. 

Postcard #1

Beech Grove, North Highlands Park, Columbus, GA.

To: Miss Dovie Smith
From: Miss Elizabeth Smith

"Chipley, GA 8/9/09

Dear Dovie, 
I reached here alright and am still at Aunt Nannies. We went to a singing yesterday afternoon and stayed until train time and we then went up to White S Springs and came back on the night train, had a very nice time. 
                                                   E. Smith"

Postcard #2

Chattahoochee Rapids, North Highlands Park, Columbus, GA

To: Miss Dovie Smith
From: Miss Elizabeth Smith

"Chipley, GA 8/13/09

Dear Dovie, 
How are you all getting along by this time I am at Jennies Williams have been here since Wednesday morning am going back to Chipley in the morning and (Gene?) and I are going Aunt Ellen's to spend Saturday night and Sunday. Will see you all soon.
                                                                 E. Smith"

Postcard #3

Eagle and Phenix (Phoenix) Mills, Columbus, GA

To: Miss Dovie Smith
From: Miss Elizabeth Smith

"Monday Morning
Well, I came out here at Uncle Pinkes Saturday afternoon and I guess I will stay a day or two. They are running the meeting at Beech Springs this week. I expect I will be home before long but don't know exactly when so you need not look for me until you see me. 
                                                                                                   E. S.

Postcard #4

 Lower Broad St. showing Confederate Monument, Golumbus, GA
(Broad Street is now known as Broadway)

To: Miss Lizzie (Elizabeth) Smith
From: Miss Dovie Smith

"Dear Sister: -
Received your postal Saturday, and we were glad to hear from you and that you are having such a nice time. I wrote you last week, thought you were still at Jennies. Love to all,

Bonus - Postcard #5

Wildwood Park, Columbus, GA
(I don't believe Wildwood Park still has ponds.)

To: Miss Dovie Smith
From: C. R.

"I received your card Monday would of answered sooner but didn't have any cards. I may be over at the (Jens?) (Gens?) Thursday night if nothing happens. hope to see you.
                                                                                  your friend C. R."

Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Acquisition - Victorian Burl Walnut English Marquetry Writing Desk

English Marquetry Writing Desk, with Triple Opening, Burr Walnut, Victorian An excellent example of Victorian era, burr walnut and banded with geometric inlay. This burr walnut writing desk, slightly domed, is in wonderful condition. The inlay work shows marquetry bands across the top and front of the writing desk. 

There are two escutcheons, one on the lid, and one at the key hole. Each escutcheons (ornamental plates) are surrounded by bands of inlay wood using different pieces of burr walnut. The lock is in working order, and the key is included. The box measures 11 3/4 inches wide, 8 3/4 inches deep and 6 inches high. 

The writing box opens in three sections. The underside of the lid is lined with blue velvet. The box opens fully showing a full writing surface covered with green leather. The upper section of the writing slope opens revealing a space for storage of writing materials. The writing desk is fitted with ink bottles, and a pen tray.

I just received one of the most beautiful burl (or burr) wood boxes I've ever laid eyes upon. I started out looking just for a dresser box, but I somehow ended up with this beautiful English writing desk. It's just gorgeous. Pay close attention to the craftsmanship, and I'm just astonished of the detail in the woodwork.

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Acquisition - American Sheridan Chest of Drawers circa 1820

Isn't it just gorgeous? I found it in this wonderful store called Sweet Home Antiques in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The woodwork is just amazing, and it's even more beautiful in person.  The chest is much larger and taller than it appears, so I'm very glad I didn't end up with a larger piece.

If anyone has any idea of what the wood is, please let me know. I'm thinking it's Mahogany but I'm not an expert in identifying wood.

Friday, June 13, 2014

New Acquisition - Louis Comfort Tiffany Favrile Salt Cellar in Gold

My first Tiffany glass purchase. A Louis Comfort Tiffany Favrile salt cellar in beautiful gold. It's signed with the initials L.C.T. and is also numbered 8304 in a very fine hand. This is the kind of art piece that one can stare at for hours on end - being completely mesmerized by its intricate changing colors and textures.

Friday, June 6, 2014

New Acquisition - Rindskopf Grenada Decor Art Nouveau Vase (Circa 1900)

Isn't it just gorgeous? I absolutely adore Loetz, and I prefer a lot of pieces over the Tiffany Favrile glass (I still want some of that too). This particular piece has lots of reds, greens, and some blues and violets here and there. It's in perfect condition except for a small chip up at the top, but I don't care, as it knocked the price way down and I was able to get it for a steal.

Anyway, I'll update when I find out more about it. I'm especially interested in dating it.

UPDATE: I found out it's actually a Rindskopf Grenada decor vase circa 1900. Rindskopf and Loetz are both Bohemian and contemporaries of one another, so it's an honest mistake.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Art Nouveau Thorne's Toffee Tin Box with "The Age of Innocence" painting by Joshua Reynolds.

Art Nouveau Thorne's Toffee Tin Box with "The Age of Innocence" painting by Joshua Reynolds. I picked this item today at a local auction and paid about $17 for it.

 I wonder how it ended up here in the United States, as that's a long way from Leeds, England. Oh, how mesmerizing history is!