Friday, January 28, 2011

Guys should shave or at least trim their armpits.

Know what needs to be the defining point of the 21st century? Guys need to start trimming those bushes under their arms. It depends on the guy, but sometimes the look of a a little hair under there is attractive, and some guys can even pull off the totally shaved look. But some guys really need to take a razor, a weed whacker, the fire department, and HAZMAT under there.

If this guy trimmed just a tiny little bit, he'd be socially acceptable.

This guy can pull the shaved look off nicely. 

This is what we call socially unacceptable. 

Do you really think that is attractive? I bet that smells like straight up body odor, and causes him to have 24/7 sweat stains. Want to be that guy? Yeah, I know that is Robert Pattinson, but I never thought he was cute, pretty, or even remotely attractive. I always want to give him a shower.

And ladies, think your man should smell like a man, well how about you put down that razor and see how you like it? You'll be the next Julia Roberts!

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